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Business Services:

We will help you

• select the best hardware and software for your needs
ITCare will help you determine the best computer system for your particular needs.
• set up your computer(s) and printer(s)
We will set up your computers, connect any accessories and make sure that they are working properly.
install an office network
Our staff will set up your computers on a local area network (LAN) and connect them to shared resources (printers, backup devices, and Internet connections) so you can save the cost of providing these resources for each computer.
protect your computer(s) from virus and hacker attacks and safely connect to the Internet
ITCare will make sure that your computer and network is protected from virus and hacker attack. We will teach you and your staff how to recognize attempts at infiltrating your systems and will make sure that your protection is up to date.
protect and back up your data
Computers sometimes fail. We will determine the best way for you to protect your information from a hardware or software failure.
install new software and upgrades
When you get new software, we will install it for you and make sure you and your staff can use it effectively.
upgrade existing software
We will let you know of any necessary upgrades to your software and will perform the upgrade — making sure that your information is safe and secure in the process.
ongoing support
We will be your IT department. ITCare will give you the benefits of a full-time computer staff person without the cost of hiring someone full time. You will pay only for the services you use.
set up a company web site
The World Wide Web is an important way to promote your business. We will design a web site for you, locate and help you select a web hosting company and show you how to update and maintain your web site.
protect your privacy
In a world where your identity is valuable, ITCare will teach you ways to protect your identity and prevent others from invading your on-line privacy.
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