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Services for and in the home:

We can help you

• select the most appropriate computer for you
ITCare will help you determine the best computer system for your particular needs.
• set up your computer
We will install all the components of your system.
• connect it to the Internet
ITCare will help you select an Internet provider based on your needs and connect your computer to the Internet.
• set up your printer, scanner, and other accessories
We will connect any accessories and install the software needed so that they work properly.
• protect your computer from virus attacks
Our staff will install anti-virus software and make sure that the software is updated on a regular basis. We will also inform you of any dangerous viruses and how to avoid them.
• install and upgrade your software
When you get new software or when there are upgrades to the software you already have, we will install them for you.
• back up your files
ITCare will show you how to make copies of your important files so that if something happens to your computer you won't lose this information.
• install a home network
If you have two or more computers in your home, we will connect them to each other and to your Internet connection so that you can share files and the Internet connection.
• solve problems with your computer
If you have a problem with your computer, call us and we will come to your home and resolve it.
• protect your privacy
In a world where your identity is valuable, ITCare will teach you ways to protect your identity and prevent others from invading your on-line privacy.
• teach you how to use the software
ITCare will teach you how to use your software. We will teach you tips and tricks and show you features that can help you accomplish your goals with your software.
• show you how to avoid spam
We will show you how to get rid of bulk e-mail (spam) and how to minimize the number of messages you don't want to see.
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