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Current Computing News (RSS feeds from Cnet, Macworld and PCworld)

Recent Computing News

Apple will be switching to Intel chips

Apple Press Release (Apple computer) 6/5/2005
Apple Plans to Switch From I.B.M. to Intel Chips (NY Times) 6/5/2005
Apple developers cautiously upbeat on Intel (cnet article) 6/5/2005
Apple and Intel OK With Coders (Wired news) 6/5/2005
Ballmer on Apple-Intel news: Whatever (cnet article) 6/5/2005

Virus, phishing and spyware news

Triple-Barreled Trojan Attack Builds Botnets (eweek article) 6/4/2005
Phishers going after small fry (cnet article) 6/3/2005
Bagle variants punch, punch and punch again (cnet article) 6/2/2005
Phishers get personal (cnet article) 5/28/2005
Antiphishing toolbar for Firefox released (cnet article) 5/25/2005x

Apple's Tiger (OSX 10.4) released

Tiger burns bright (InfoWorld article) 6/3/2005
Tinkering with Tiger (MacWorld article) 6/3/2005
What is New in Tiger (Apple.com)

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