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Phishing attacks on the rise

You may have received e-mail purportedly from your bank or credit card company stating that they have been under attack or that they are upgrading their security. These messages are an attempt to have you provide private information that the senders can use to steal your money, or establish credit in your name. No real bank or credit card company will ask you to provide account information over the internet.

News articles about the Sasser worm

Sasser worm spreading quickly (CNN article) 5/3/2004
Q&A: Sasser worm explained (CNN article) 5/8/2004
Sasser: Teen's bid to help mom? (CNN article) 5/10/2004
Worm feeds on Sasser-infected computers (C-NET article) 5/13/2004

News articles about the Mydoom (Novarg) worm and "phishing*" e-mail

MyDoom virus declared worst ever (eWeek article) 1/28/2004
MyDoom Variant Blocks Fixes, Targets MS
(eWeek article) 1/28/2004
MyDoom E-Mail Worm Spreading Quickly (eWeek article) 1/26/2004
Fake message from FDIC (Urban Legend Reference page) 1/25/2004

* Phishing is a way to obtain personal information about you by trickery.

News articles about the Dumaru and MiMail worms

Sober worm spreads (eWeek article) 11/6/2003
New worm poses DoS attack threat (Cnet News) 10/31/2003

News articles about the Blaster worm (aka Lovsan)

FBI arrest MSBlaster suspect (Cnet News) 8/29/2003
Microsoft Braces as Web Worm Prepares to Attack (Yahoo News) 8/13/2003

MSBlast echoes across the net (Cnet News) 8/13/2003

News articles about the Sobig.f worm the 4th major worm in a week

E-mail deluge triggered by 'worm' (Cnn Money) 8/20/2003
'Good' worm, new bug mean double trouble (Cnet News) 8/19/2003

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